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CEO’s Message

“Welcome to the contemporary world where the definition of knowledge has undergone a paradigm shift. The true meaning of knowledge in the modern context is not just about qualifications measured via degrees; it’s the sum total of education, broader vision, critical thinking and an ability to deduce logically. And all of this can be afforded only through hands on training and practical exposure. The professional scenario prevalent today in the country is by far the most optimistic model I have seen in a long time. The business sector is experiencing hyper growth aided by proactive government policies and international collaborations opening up the job markets like never before. The much vaunted ‘Make in India’ initiative is now synonymous with growth and opportunities. Business entities across the spectrum including large, medium and small enterprises pertaining to an array of domains have now opened their doors to qualified, skilled and future ready aspirants. But what differentiates an aspirant from an achiever is skill which is a true synthesis of knowledge and hands on exposure. The prototype of a fast evolving new age enterprise environment is defined by skill and driven by hands on expertise.

We at MSS strive to create skill wealth pertaining to diverse domains spanning the whole business spectrum on a sustained format. Training and development of aspirants into thoroughbred professionals is our constant endeavor. Building skill bridges to close out the chasm between job seekers and opportunities is our forte. I personally invite industry captains, aspirants, government agencies and professional bodies to align forces in creating a corpus of readily employable skill that would be the key driver of our nation’s economic development in the days to come.”